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How to reach us

From Yangshuo or Guilin center or Airport

Reaching Mushan village and the River Lodge hotel is much easier than in the past. A new road from the town centre means the journey is easy and quick.

From Yansghuo town centre you can take the main road that leads out to Puyi and Liu Gong villages, You will pass through the countryside and past the entrance to the Liu Sanje theatre (On your left) Just keep following this road and you will see a sign for the River lodge hotel after about 2.5km at the junction turn left and follow the road down to the river side where you will to see the entrance to the River Lodge right on the riverside.

For your first trip out to the hotel we recommend you allow us to arrnage a taxi for you so you can reach us with no confusion, after doing the trip once you will feel confident on returning on your own should you venture into the town or go out for days cycling in the countryside.

We can also collect you directly from Guilin, or from the Yangshuo Bus station for information on our taxi service have a look here