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Surrounding Areas

Yangshuo town is just the begining…

One of the beautifull things of yangshuo is the scale of it landscape, The bustling town at the centre offers little when compared to the surrounding areas. Most of the beauty in yangshuo comes from the diverse range of small villages and hidden spots that can be found outside of the main tuoristy areas, These include:

Yima; located in the south of Yangshuo surrounded by green hills and paddy fields. It is one of the must see villages in Yangshuo. Many traditional houses have survived and village offers a great opportunity to explore and take photos

Fuli; Fuli has a history of 800 years. Famous localy for the small factories making painted paper fans. Fuli is a town with two faces. On one side is the new town which is next to the main road that leads to Guangdong province. On the other side is the old town which is on the bank of the Li River. The old town still has all of its old houses which you can peek into and see the simple lives of the local people.

Liugong; Based on the li-river, known for it's old houses, town gate and the 3 coloured ponds. Liugong recieves few tourists and has a peaceful atmosphere and is surrounded by beautful views

Longtan; Longtan has houses which are hundreds of years old and walking around here will give you the impression of having gone back in time. At the back of the town is a pond from which the town gets its name, Dragon pond.