The Icon of Yangshuo
The beautifull naturaly carved limestone arch of moonhill has become some what of a local icon, drawing tourists from all over china. The hill allows you to climb up under the arch and enjoy stunning views of the local surroundings aswell as watch local climbers testing theres skills in the arch itself. The walk up is stepped and safe and there are several side trails for those wishing to get of the main track An essential stop on your yangshuo trip.


Underground wonderland
Yansghuo has huge areas of caves underground, the most impressive of these is silver Cave. Stretching on for around 12km, The tour will take you around some of the most beautifull areas and goes for about 2km! The cave has regualr toursrunning and is suitable for all agesgood footwear is reccomended as some parts of the cave can be slippery and there a several sets of stairs as you rise and descend the path through the cave.


Hotsprings and mudbath in one
There are severall water caves based in Yansghuo and are a great half days entertainment, whilst the caves may not be as impressive as the silver cave they have there own unique feel and have a mud bath which is belived locally to be excellent for the skin and then there the chance to slip into a warm hot spring to relax after your treck through the caves. A great activity for groups of friends!


Shouyang Mountain
Green Lotus peak is actually based in yansguo downtown and can often been seen as you wander the town. The mountain has many large inscriptions carved into its surface the most famous being "Dai? caved in the Qing dynasty. It was later given the meaning ?as the river and mountains unfold their greatness before your eyes, young lads, you should work hard to let your name pass down forever.? By the Locals


Dive into a real foreign culture.
Tea to most westerns is a simple affair, china has however see's it as a rich a varied form of tradition and culture. Tea is still a hugely important aspect of chinese life and can be seen everywhere from the street to the most impressive offices. The Local seven star tea plantation offers a great opprtunity to visit a working tea plantation of high repute and is in a beautifull location. You have the opportunity to learn more about tea cultre, learn a little of the traditional tea drinking process, aswell as pick some of your own tea and see how it is processed onsite.


20Y Note View
Offering one of the most famous views in the Yangshuo area. Xingping was a traditional farming and fishing town which even now offers some traditional architecture dating back hundreds of years. Just outside the town if the Famous "20Y" note view which can be seem on money. The town is relativly small and can be explored in just an hour or two. There is a mixture of local restaurants and cafes that cater to tourists and small shops offer a mixture of tourist trinckets and treats that make great gifts.


A town of two sides
Fuli is a traditional down with a long history dating back almost 800 years. The town is split into two main areas. The river side area feautres beautifull old building and many workshops where the town still produces beautiful hand made fans. The main part of the town is based around the main road and has a local market which can offer a nice glimpse into real life in rural china. Fuli is usually the stopping point for most rafting trips coming down from river from yangshuo town and can be a nice finishing point of your river journey.


Qing-Dynasty Stone Village
Hidden up on a carste mountain north of yangshuoPutao stone village can be more of a challenge to reach and offers a great chance for some adventure. An old military garrision the village is sprawled around the mountain and can take around4-5 hours to visit all the original stone gates that still stand at the perimeters of the old town. Taking a guide is reccomended to get the most out of the trip and learn some interesting history of the area.


Under the branches of the lovers tree
At over 1000 Years old, the "Big Banyan tree" has seem a lot of historys come and go. The tree has many rich storys based around it, Including being the location where Liu Sanje declared her love for Li Xiaoniu (See Lightshow) Visiting the tree offers a great chance to realx and swin under the shadow of this accient giant and for young couples to make wishes. The tree is close to Moon Hill so can be great to combine together


The life stream of Yangshuo
The Li-River sweeps through yansghuo town and is the basis for all the villages and farming areas that grew around it. The river itself it still remarkably clean and offers many tranquil places to swim in its crystal waters. The best way to enjoy the river is by raft or kayak giving you the chance to get close down to the water and feel the air sweep off the river. Just ask our reception for some fo the many ways you can enjoy this beautiful river.


Beautiful and accient
The Dragon bridge is a great destination within the Yu-Long area. The accient stone bridge arches over the river providing great photo opportunitys and swimming spots.Its also surrounded by a selection of farmers restaurants making it perfect for your lunch time stop through the Yu-long area. Many people use the Dragon bridge as a mid way point for there cycle tours around the Yu-Long Area


Rice, Rafts and Relaxation
The Yu-long scenic area brings together all the best elements of Yangshuo, TheYu-long river slowly flowing through carste peaks, Wide open feilds of rice and rape seed, Old bridges and of course bamboo rafting. Dotted by lots of small villages the Yu-long area is a great days cycling and exploring. The area is quite large and there is a variety of paths running through the feilds to numerousswimming spots and scenic location for those brave enough to explore of the main routes


Stunning Views all year round.
The steep terraced hills of Longsheng are about 200km north-west of Yangshuoand make a great excursion during your time here. The feilds fill with water in spring and offer some truely magnificant views. Theres alot of hiking involved but it is one of the most rewarding trips you will make in the area. There are day trips available if your short on time, but to make the most of the area is worth staying over night ina traditional wooden house and watching the sunset and sunrise


"The Painted Viel"
Huang Yao is based a short distance from yansghuo and gives you a rare chance to be completely imersed in a tradition old Chinese village, No modern development has been allowed and all the building retain there orginal heritage and style, The village is based around the river and severall stunnng old banyan Trees that reach over the river. A real treat for photographers and a romatic break for couples. Day trips run from Yansghuo on a regualr basis and there is also accomodation in the town for those wishing to stay the night