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Taxi Pickup Service

In order to make you stay more convenient and help you get the most out of your time with us, we offer a comprehensive taxi service that can pick you up at any time of day or night regardless of where you may be. Taxi's in yangshuo can be much more expensive than in the rest of the cities in yangshuo and all the taxi's in the town are privately owned and run without meters, this means that the drivers set all the prices. Because of this it can be confusing and sometimes difficult to get a fair price on your journey around the area. Most drivers in the town will charge a minimum of '25Y' regardless of how short the trip may be. To combat this like most hotels we work with specific drivers who know us well and we can rely on for a good quality of service they offer us discounted rates that you would not be ale to receive if you just got in a taxi around town.

       ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~          Taxi Options     ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  
  • 4 seat taxi – Standard Sedan type car suitable for no more than 4 people with average luggage
  • 7 seat van – Standard Mini Van for maximum of seven people. If you are traveling with a large amount of luggage its best to sit a maximum of five to allow space for extra baggage
  • 14 seat bus – For groups we can also arrange a small 14 seat bus which offers plenty of space
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