Mushan Vilage. Yangshuo, GuilinYangshuo Mushan Viallge is a small village on the outskirts of Yangshuo town, around 3km from the town centre on the Li-River.

The village has a history of around 500 Years and features many traditional chinese building from both the Qing and Ming dynastyies. In the past it was the seat of many chinese scholars and intelectuals Its residents commonly help positions in the old goverment.

This changed over time and the village is now mainly inhabitated by ancestors of the Zhang and Xu family's many left to work in the citys and the village returned to its traditional farming roots.The village remains quite unique as it was built around the form of "Ying Yang Ba Gua" With most house built around a central pond which offers fortune for those surrounding it, the homes follow the eight Diagrams in Daoism. and Mushan was also renowned as a Great "Fengshui" location.

Currently the village is home to around 800 People many of which work as traditional farmers and labourers, but many now also work as performers for the famous Liu Sanje lightshow.

The village is surrounded by beautifull countryside and has several well known scenic spots including Scholar Hill (Shu Tong Hill), Fishing Lights of Snow Beach,, Beautiful Sunrise of Donglin, Snow Lion Hill & Green Lion Hill.